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Hello there!  I'm Lee-Ann, a 34 year old native and resident of the eastern Caribbean.  I'm slowly finding my way out of a soul-crushing office job and on the path to rediscovering my true self.

As a sensitive, home-loving introvert, I often long for a quiet nook in which to recharge my batteries and clear my mind.  The Misty Pier is that place online.  It's also a personal space for me to encourage creative practice through writing, and to add a layer of meaning and thoughtfulness to my days.  

I like:

- lazy Sunday mornings in bed

- reading; journalling; beautiful stationery

- hot stone massages

- taking my time

- sweetly sentimental Nicholas Sparks movies

- amethysts; all things violet or mauve

- craft fairs; open air markets and festivals; handmade trinkets; retro things

- nature and animals

- the cosiness and colours of autumn