The Weight of Clothes

I've been on holiday for a week now, and one of the key luxuries - apart from long, lazy mornings - is my freedom in clothes.  No longer restricted to a conservative, pared-down, functional look, I pad around the house in light dresses and flip flops, feeling as if I've pulled off a heavy mask.  There is a gentle flow every day, as I relish being myself.  The girl that is often chided for being 'too quiet,' 'too boring,' 'too reserved' can shed some of her self-protective layers and breathe easily in the presence of family and supported by the comfort of the familiar. 

Funnily enough I wore a uniform for my whole school life and never felt stifled, yet work is quite the opposite.  The truth is that I often feel so judged and unappreciated that anything that I wear in that environment has taken on a negative association.  In an effort to carve a distinct identity for myself - one that represents the freedom and lightness I'm seeking, and is wholly different from the one that I carry at work - I created a clothing alter ego.  With my upper ear piercing, boho, embroidered tops and playful rompers, I can't help but feel as if I've tapped into a different, richer 'me' that is just for those I trust and love, and is the true me.