Who Can You Still Be?

It's often easy to live in regret.  For the last 15 years since leaving school, I've been in regret for one reason or another.  Reality crashed into my idealism, and it was quite brutal.  I lived in a spiral of could'ves and if onlys.  I had left school with a lot of optimism about making a career in my favourite subjects only to wind up in a series of unfulfilling, mind-numbing jobs out of necessity.

In 2010, I stumbled upon Susannah Conway's blog and similar online communities.  I was magnetically drawn to this new world.  It was a world of reflection and journalling, of capturing beauty through photography, and noticing the little details of the every day.  I had discovered a group of like-minded, artistic, romantic spirits, and realised that I had found my niche.  It was a welcome escape from a day job that left me drained and misunderstood, unrecognised and unappreciated.

The more I got involved, the more the proverbial second chance felt possible.  With new possibilities came the question 'who can I still be?'  It meant leaving the bitter past and building a hopeful future.  It meant looking more at what I had and less at what was missing.  I could be a writer, a photographer, a traveller, a confectioner.  And a new-found community seemed to be cheering me on, through their acceptance and sharing.  What about you?  Who can you still be?