A Letter From My Future Self

Dear Lee-Ann,

Do not spend any more time crying over the awful corporate years; be glad that you are able to escape.  Many have died while still in that system, never having lived their life's purpose or feeling the sense of strength and accomplishment that comes from building something fuelled by passion.  Focus also on the fact that the people who misunderstood and judged you, now watch you prosper on a huge scale.  What they rejected, the world has embraced; where they saw ugliness, the world sees beauty; what they called weakness, the world calls a sweet sensitivity.  Let them go because they have been proven wrong. 

Pay no attention to the people who, with their noses pressed against the glass of your life, think that they know you and negatively judge you.  Instead, be thankful that you have found what many spend years yearning for: a true soul mate.  Be grateful for his love and fidelity, for good health and a thriving business, for the chance to express yourself freely and surround yourself with supportive people.  Be thrilled that you make a living doing something that you love and that you are no longer a mere cog in someone else's machinery.