Dreaming: From The Year 2020

© John Hix | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© John Hix | Dreamstime Stock Photos

My days are filled with beauty and wonder, a sensuous mix of fragrance, favourite colours and sounds.  Water is a key feature in every day.  From almost every room, I can hear its soothing rush. There are table fountains, nature sound-machines echoing the gurgle of a stream, and the constant soundtrack outside of the ocean waves.  My home is a cocoon where water constantly comforts and nourishes me.

As a lover of fragrance, I have endless candles, incense, and aromatherapy oil diffusers.  They are the magical vehicle that transport me to a mythical wonderland that is sometimes spicy and exotic, most times sweet, like the many candies and desserts I find irresistible.  In this world, there are no can'ts and shouldn'ts.  Rather, it's just a cosy, intimate space where anything is possible, done in my time and my way.

The house is a delicate blend of lilacs and bluish mauves, colours and tones that comfort my eyes and awaken creativity, coaxing a bounty of new ideas to the surface. Craft fair finds and random pieces of world art grace the rooms like unexpected jewels, each one containing a story from some faraway place.  The feel is at once understated and romantic, peaceful yet quietly rebellious. 

Working from home has been freeing in two senses: I have the luxury of doing what I love, and can also explore new things at a pace that feels right to me.  As an introvert, this duality is especially important - the ability to enjoy the outside world in muted doses, and still have a haven to which to retreat in order to digest the experience.