To My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I looked for you for several years; in my teenage years you were an almost constant part of my thoughts.  As I entered my 20s and saw the heartbreaks of friends, I lost hope.  I settled into the idea that a life alone was safest, and that the only fulfilment would come from my chosen career.  I found freedom in the ability to live without having to make concessions to anyone, to be completely untethered, unaccountable.

Then, a few years ago I had a dream.  Out of nowhere, I felt the nudge to open myself once again to the possibility of a kindred spirit to share with.  I saw myself happily married to a good man - faithful, romantic, intelligent, funny, creative - whose personality and temperament were so in tune with my own that it felt spiritual.  And as a result, my life was richer, as if my experiences were now on a different frequency.  I saw meaning and beauty on a deeper level, and discovered layers in myself that had been hidden before, buried under bitterness and resentment.  They reflected sweetness, vulnerability, tenderness as positives, not as weaknesses.

Now, I have the courage to open myself up again.  And I'm waiting patiently on you...