Life Film

Elizabeth Bennet - Ever since I first read P&P at 16, I've loved this character.  Perceptive, intelligent and witty, yet very human, her story has the kind of happy ending that most girls dream about.

Vianne Rocher - I've watched Chocolat quite a few times because Vianne's independence, whimsicality and romantic spirit really resonate with me.  I'm also quite drawn to the idea of having a secret remedy to help the world, just as she used chocolate.

A film of my life?  Hmmm.  It would probably be two parts magic realism, in the vein of Chocolat, with me whipping up little tinctures designed to heal emotions, one part mystery, and one part romance.  The setting would be some place quiet and fairly remote - a beach cottage during an endless summer, a cosy mountain cabin as autumn creeps to a close.  And the accompanying soundtrack would be a mix of soft, intimate tunes like these: