On Inspiration: Words of Wisdom

  • Danielle Laporte (Fire Starter Sessions): 'You are whom you admire.'  This is heartening and beautiful to consider.  It gives you permission to step away from a scarcity mentality, and to view others' successes and qualities, not through a lens of resentment, but as an opportunity to be inspired.  In a sense, you can share in them.  When I compiled a list of personally inspiring women and analysed the attributes that I admired most, I found the words that kept popping up to be enlightening.  It brought a measure of clarity on my own life - who am I as my best self? What am I drawn to? Two people on my list were:

Katie Hess (Lotus Wei) - creativity and whimsy in a nature-focused way

Princess Diana -softness, sensitivity, elegance, romantic spirit

  • John Mayer (Google+ Interview from 2013): 'The key to being inspired without copycatting is to break down to its essence whatever it is that you're drawn to.'  This was deeply resonant with me, and I've found myself consciously doing this ever since hearing it.  It's a true reminder that your own uniqueness is a real elixir; your experiences, beliefs, personality and style allow you to distil and express universal themes in a such a singular way.  Embrace that, and use those threads to weave your own interpretations of beauty, innocence, creativity, etc.