12 Questions...

1.  If you could could tell your critics one thing, what would it be?

- enjoying solitude does not equal selfishness


2.  If you could spend a long weekend somewhere, where would you go?

 - Ladera (St. Lucia)


3. If you created a perfume to capture your essence, what notes would you include?

- something cosy and gourmand, yet a tiny bit beachy (almond, vanilla, coconut, honey, sea salt)


4.  If you could wake up tomorrow to find one thing different about your life, what?

 - the ability to work from home


5.  If you could rewind your life by five years, what would you do differently?

- forgive, and save more


6.  If you could spend a year somewhere, where would you go?

- Spain


7. If you could change anything about you childhood, what?

- I'd have a tree house in a big backyard and hippy parents


8.  If you got married tomorrow, what would be your first dance?

- What Am I To You - Norah Jones


9.  If you died tomorrow, what 5 words would you like to be used to describe you?

 - creative, sensitive, romantic-spirit, reflective, whimsical


10.  If you were stranded somewhere, whose CD could keep you company on repeat?

- Sarah McLachlan (Very Best of Sarah McLachlan)


11.  If you could have one strange skill, what?

- yodelling :)


12.  What is your guilty (food) pleasure?

 - KFC!