On Gifts

What are your special gifts?  Not the obvious ones like playing a sport or an instrument, but what talents have you overlooked that form an integral part of your uniqueness? Last year when the team at work collected funds for a colleague's birthday, they chose me to buy the item because 'you give good gifts.'  It was both flattering and surprising because it was a knack that I took for granted.  It seems natural to me to listen, to get a vibe for someone's personality and buy something to suit.  Or to take the time to package the present in a beautifully quirky way.

As this observation about me sank in, I wondered what other skills I was taking for granted.  In truth, it was a nudge for me to look at myself with more kindness and avoid the well-worn path of what's wrong.  It's so easy to see what's not working, that consciously looking for the blessings, the talents, the good breaks, takes some getting used to.  But here's my short list (for now):

*self awareness - I know what/who suits me and what doesn't, usually from quite early in the game.


*sensitivity - with animals; with feelings; with dreams, sometimes in a mystical sense