Lost and Found

Seven years ago I had this dream.  I was walking along the beach just after sunset with a loving, affectionate couple.  In my hand, I held a big, gold, square-shaped earring.  Suddenly, it fell from my grasp and onto the sand.  I crouched down and frantically began searching for it.  As I noticed that the waves were heading back toward the shore, I grew even more anxious, fearing that it would be covered and swept out to sea.  Just as I had caught a glimpse of it and went to touch it, the foamy water swept over it.  I felt around blindly, convinced that I had lost it forever.  But as soon as I had resigned myself to having lost it, the waters retreated again, and it lay glistening on the sand.  The man crouched down just across from me and smiled.  He said, 'hold onto to that now.  It's special.'

There are so many desires and goals that I used to have.  With past disappointments, I've grown a little cynical.  And now I'm challenging myself to believe again, even if just gingerly.  This past summer, I read this and then as the dream popped back into my head, I thought of doing something similar around my life dreams.

Dreaming in 100 words

Privacy.  Peace.  Space.  Books to devour.  Mountain cabin in autumn. Cosy get-togethers. Candles and incense.  Work from home.  Amethyst.  Regular picnics.  Dogs.  Street fairs.  Lightness.  Learn Italian.  Acoustic guitar.  Quirky creative workshops.  Open air.  Invigorated.  Lazy mornings.  Delicious breakfasts. Love letters.  Secrets shared.  Unwrapping gifts.  Colourful sunsets. Fluffy house slippers.  Raindrops against the roof.  Gentle unfolding.  Sensual.  Movies.  Journal.  Pizza (deep dish, stuffed crust, dipping sauce :) ). Nature walks.  Late-night conversation.  Discovery.  Second chances.  Homemade.  Freedom and ease.  Settled.  Beach house retreat.  Loved.  Rest.  Vindication.  Awareness and trust.  Creating memories.  Treasured.  Alive.  Kindred connections.  Artistic and creative.  Accepted. At long last.