The Alphabet of Me

photo by Taner Ardali |

photo by Taner Ardali |

A is for Armour.  I'm learning to drop mine just enough to be reachable, approachable.  It's a difficult dance between being open and trusting, and wary after having been hurt.

B is for Boho.  Free People and Anthropologie are my clothing brand crushes.

C is for Calm.

D is for Duty.  How many times have you stayed in a situation far too long only through a sense of duty?

E is Effortless.  What do you do that feels effortless? 

F is for French, my first love.

G is for (acoustic) Guitar.  I wanted to learn when I was 14, then bought one when I was 28 only to realise that I was kidding myself.

H is for Hindsight.  This can drift into regret quite often but I'm trying to focus more on the wisdom gained.

I is for Introvert.  A bad word in many circles, but it's the cap that fits me.  More specifically, the INFJ.

J is for Journalling.  I've done this since my teens and find it to be both cathartic and a great way to relive specific periods.

K is Kindness.  Almost always taken as a weakness (see armour).

L is Likeable.  Are you likeable?  Who is drawn to you?

M is for Mother.  She taught me to be independent-minded, and to carve my own identity.

N is for No.  Saying it sometimes is necessary for healthy boundaries, but you can still be branded a bitch.

O is for Odd one out. 

P is for Pizza. :)

Q is for Quiet, which is probably one of the nicer first impressions that people have of me.  Being quiet can lead to many different assumptions, which can be unfair sometimes.

R is for Restoration.  What have you lost and had restored in a wonderful way? 

S is for Shy and Sensitive.

T is for Travel.  I've learnt the most about myself through travel, especially when I do it alone.

U is for Used.  When have you felt taken for granted, exploited?

V is for Vintage.  I'm drawn to old-fashioned, retro things (70s fashion, 90s music, old photos and journals, instant cameras).

W is for Water.  I love the sound of it, and would really like it to be a permanent soundtrack to my days.

X... I have no idea! ;)

Y is for Youth.  My 30s feel like youth with wisdom.

Z is for Zen.