90s Nostalgia

I have a special fondness for the 90s and when I hear music from that decade, I'm always transported back to that period in my life.  Filled with school, exams, friends, crushes, pimples, tiffs with my parents, and the burgeoning awareness of my femininity, it was an era of freedom and conflict. Even then, I knew quietly that I should savour that time in my life - an odd combination of independence and conformity.  Independence in the sense that I was starting to feel and experience the world through my own lens, and yet conformity because there was still a mould to fit into before adulthood.

On the cusp of the old and new, the 90s were a strange walkway between two worlds: the more traditional one of the previous decades, and the faster-paced technological age to come.  We still took our camera film to the lab to be developed, prepared for our foreign language exams with cassette tapes and, in small denial of the changes ahead, our schools and teachers served a steady fare of subjects like home ec, home management, and typewriting, reminiscent of the world as they knew it.  Then, we went home to surf the internet and ponder possible business ideas from this new way of communicating.  We teetered on the ledge of relative, wide-eyed innocence and surveyed with wonder the staggering possibilities ahead.