#1 - Betsey Sook

Welcome to Seven, an interview series with creative souls who are making a living online by following their passion.

My first guest is Copenhagen-based jewellery designer, Betsey Sook.  I stumbled across her pieces two years ago and was immediately enchanted by their delicate, understated beauty.  I hope you find this peek into her creative process as fascinating as I did!  You can view the full collection at her website, and even have something designed just for you.

Lee-Ann:  How long have you been a jewellery designer?

Betsey:  I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to fine jewellery one day back in 2011.  I had worked with wood types, letterpress and paper art before that time, but I wanted to transition into a material that was more substantial.

L-A:  There is such a romantic, soft, feminine feel to your pieces.  Where do you get the most inspiration?

B:  That is a a good question and I am not sure I can answer it, but I will try.  All my inspiration comes from the inside.  Like many other creative people, I don't feel that I control what I create.  I am merely a vessel.  I bring into being a higher vision that goes through me, so to speak.  I can imagine all sorts of jewellery pieces in a variety of different styles.  But then, certain designs stand out.  They are persistent.  They show themselves to me many times, and they are clearer, more vivid.  I feel these pieces choose ME to design THEM.  It is like they are already there, I just make them appear.  Other jewellery designs pass by.  I see them, but I don't feel them as strongly.  I release them to the Universe, and I suppose they find another designer - one who is better suited to bring them to life than I am. 

To me, jewellery design is a deep, inner process.  This is why I try to live a peaceful life in order to be able to channel my creativity as purely and as powerfully as possible.  It is also why I would never be able to come up with 2 - 3 new collections a year.  I want my designs to be as authentic as possible and not come from a forced place. 

L-A:  Could you tell me a little more about your creative process (for e.g., does it start with a sketch)?

B:   I spend all my mornings drinking green tea, meditating, and sketching.  My drawing style is very abstract.  My sketches do not look like ordinary jewellery drawings, but more like calligraphy.  I may draw the same shape 50-60 times, and then... suddenly I see it.  This is the one!  This is the shape that looks just right.  I will explore it in more detail, and if it continues to be fascinating to me I will turn it into a jewellery piece. 

L-A:  I noticed that all of the pieces have women's names.  Do you have a particular personality or character (film, book, etc.) in mind when you design, or is it random?

B:  There is no pattern in how I choose my jewellery design names, but it is not random either.

L-A:  What is your favourite piece in the collection?

B:  I am very excited about a new Montparnasse Diamond Solitaire Ring coming up soon.

L-A:  Most of the jewellery is done in yellow gold - a personal preference for me as well.  Do you also have a preference for a particular gemstone to work with?

B:  I am a colourist. I love all types of gemstones, and many more than what you see in my current collection.  Tanzanites, padparadscha sapphires, Oregon sunstones, star rubies - they are all wonderful.  Right now, however, something in me wants to work with diamonds only...  It could be just a phase.

L-A:  What gives you the biggest satisfaction in this job?

B:   There is always love behind a Betsey Sook - Poetic Jewelry purchase, and what I enjoy the most is helping people to express true love via my jewellery.  It gives me so much pleasure.

Necklaces - 'Anne Li' and 'Aspyn'

Necklaces - 'Anne Li' and 'Aspyn'

Rings - 'Luella,' 'Sally,' Raquel'

Rings - 'Luella,' 'Sally,' Raquel'